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The secrets can now be revealed!
Your chance to own this groundbreaking DVD and see the recent findings which show the astonishing truth about the St Osyth skeleton. Yours for just 15 plus 1.50 UK post and packaging
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Ursula Kemp DVD

Ursula Kemp Documentary DVD, £15 + P&P

Now also available in American format!
Ursula Kemp Documentary DVD, NTSC (American) format, 15 + 4 airmail p&p

Ursula Kemp DVD

Ursula Kemp Documentary DVD, NTSC(American) format, £15 + £4 airmail p&p

Buy both the Ursula Kemp DVD and the Witchfinder DVD together for the great price of just 25, plus 1.50 UK post and packaging. For details of the acclaimed Witchfinder film (the story of the notorious Matthew Hopkins) please look at our associated site: www.fadetoblacktv.co.uk

Ursula Kemp DVD + Witch Finder DVD

Special Offer: Ursula Kemp Documentary + Witchfinder Drama DVD, £25 + P&P

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